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How would your business benefit from having its own site on the World Wide Web?


Every business owner should consider the benefits of having a site on the World Wide Web, and equally as important, evaluate the consequences of not having one.  

As you evaluate your situation, consider the following:


General Benefits:
In addition to the obvious potential benefits derived form increased revenues and a broadened customer base, a Website works for your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, delivering many benefits, including:
  • Market Research
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Customer Service
  • Product Information
  • Product Promotion
  • Technical Support

Marketing and Advertising:
The Web offers a compelling alternative from traditional forms of marketing and advertising, largely because the Web:
  • Is interactive
  • Is inexpensive
  • Is easier to identify markets
  • Allows for rapid change
  • Is seductive
  • Has distinctive demographics
  • Reaches an enormous market

Customer Service:
Consumers have discovered that the Web is:
  • Convenient
  • Efficient
  • Excellent source of product and service information
  • Excellent vehicle for providing feedback to vendors 

Increased Profits
A Web site can impact your profits in two ways:  
  1. Increased Revenues

On the revenue side, the potential is for a broadened and expanded customer base, resulting from the extensive, continuous accessibility and promotion.

  1. Reduced Costs

On the cost side, the use of the Web for communicating with your customers and market will reduce the cost of:

  • Long-distance telephone charges
  • U.S. Postage
  • Printed materials
  • Storage and handling
  • Distribution

Clearly, in most cases, the savings and other benefits derived from a Web site exceed, by a wide margin, the cost to develop and operate a site.


Act now.  So, if you have been thinking about having your first Web site, or if you have a Web site that needs a make-over, stop thinking about it and contact us now.  We will begin working immediately to put your business on the "Net".

To assess your Web Site Development needs, please complete our Web Site Development Survey.




The Web Site Samples that follow are representative of the typical elements of a Web site.  Your site will vary according to your selection of basic design, structure, color, graphics, fonts, and number of pages.  To preview some of our clients' sites click on the links below:


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Young World Child Care Center

Belmont Market

M&M Labels

Square One

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